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Cocktail recipe: Pretty Punch

30.08.2014. Recipes

One of the signs of a good mixologist is his or her ability to mix non-alcoholic cocktails. With the rush and voom of alcohol it’s relatively easy to give muscle to a mix; take that away and all that’s left is flavour. Le Sirenuse’s head barman Robert Wimmer has quite a few summery fruit cocktails in his repetoire. One of the most popular is the Pretty Punch, a vitamin-packed blend of carrot, apple and orange that is the perfect refreshing pick me up after a day at the beach. The recipe couldn’t be simpler. But simplicity is sometimes the hardest thing to do well.

Pretty Punch

Blend the ingredients, mix and serve with crushed ice, garnished with apple. It’s that easy. The drop of olive oil is Robert’s secret ingredient: he claims it makes all the difference to the taste, and having tried it with and without, we believe him. Oh, and if you’re not planning to drink your Pretty Punch immediately, add a dash of fresh lemon juice to stop the cocktail oxidising.

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