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Cocktail recipe: Berry Burst

07.04.2017. Recipes

The corner has been turned; spring is well and truly here. Find a sunny corner in Positano and it’s already warm enough to dine outside. And what better accompaniment to a simple al fresco lunch of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil than a fresh, all-fruit cocktail bursting with flavor and vitamins?

The Berry Burst is an invention of Le Sirenuse’s head barman, Robert Wimmer. It’s one of the most popular non-alcoholic cocktails on the Champagne Bar drinks menu, and we offer it here as a paean to spring – and to our new Miami adventure.

Berry Burst


Leaving aside one or two berries to garnish, put the rest in a blender with the passionfruit and lemon juice and reduce to a smoothie-like consistency. Taste, and add sugar if necessary – it all depends how sharp you like your fruit drinks. Pour into a tulip glass and add crushed ice to fill up the glass. Serve garnished with a few berries.

You may want to reduce the quantity of passionfruit juice depending on its intensity – it shouldn’t dominate the taste, just add a hint of the tropics to a drink that is all about summer berries.

Photo © Roberto Salomone

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