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The Paper Revolution

15.07.2016. Le Sirenuse

Who said paper was a thing of the past? At the Sirenuse Journal, we’ve always prided ourselves on thinking differently. The current tide may be flowing from print to digital, but we like to swim upstream occasionally. Which is why, after three years as a native digital publication, we have come up with a brand-new paper edition of the Journal. The first 3,000 copies arrived in Positano earlier this week, hot off the presses, to be distributed free of charge inside Le Sirenuse.

In the inaugural, Summer/Autumn 2016 issue, we present a profile of La Sponda restaurant’s talented new executive chef, Gennaro Russo, followed by an introduction to the latest Sirenuse Art Projects commission, an enigmatic neon installation by leading British artist Martin Creed. There’s also, among the other dabblings and divertissements, a piece on a film recently presented at the Sundance Festival with a surprising Positano connection, and a simple, summery non-alcoholic cocktail recipe created by Le Sirenuse’s head barman, Robert Wimmer.

The paper Journal is only available at Le Sirenuse. But its digital cousin is available everywhere. “Two households, alike in dignity”, as an English poet once wrote. We would love it if you had the chance to leaf through both this year - because being in Positano is even better than reading about Positano.

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