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Sirenuse Memories 2016

30.12.2016. Le Sirenuse

It was a year of continuity and innovation at Le Sirenuse. Both impulses were distilled in the big news that launched our 65th anniversary season: the battlefield promotion of talented young Gennaro Russo to the role of executive chef at the hotel’s La Sponda restaurant, a gamble that seemed to go down well with our guests – and was rewarded by the confirmation of our Michelin star in November.

Weatherwise, it was a cool start to the season by Amalfi Coast standards, but creative temperatures were maintained somewhere in the high nineties in March and April with the tenth edition of the renowned Sirenland writers’ workshop, the presentation of Emporio Le Sirenuse’s first capsule men’s collection and the unveiling, in the hotel bar, of a specially-commissioned neon light installation by British artist Martin Creed.

A glorious summer, neither too hot nor too cold, saw the debut of the Sirenuse Journal’s print edition, distributed exclusively to hotel guests. None of us really knew quite how it would go down – after all, expanding from online to print could be regarded as a bit of an anachronism – but overwhelmingly positive feedback demonstrated that we’re not the only ones to enjoy the tactile, visual and intellectual pleasures of text and photographs on paper. Two editions of the print Journal are planned for 2017, due out in April and July respectively.

The end of the year brought perhaps the biggest novelty of all, though it was one that had been in the planning for quite some time: the news that, in its first permanent foray beyond its Amalfi Coast base, Le Sirenuse would open a Restaurant and Champagne Bar inside a restored and reimagined Miami lifestyle icon, The Surf Club, in the spring of 2017. We’ll tell you more about this exciting new chapter in our history in coming weeks. In the meantime, here are some of our photographic highlights of the 2016 season, including, at the end, a teaser glimpse of a soon-to-be-revealed archaeological discovery right on our doorstep.

Here’s hoping you have a great start to the new year, and we look forward to welcoming you in Positano after we reopen on 9 April.

All photos © Roberto Salomone


Best Of 2016 01

La Sponda’s 30-year-old executive chef Gennaro Russo on a shopping expedition


Best Of 2016 02

The latest addition to the expanding Sirenuse Art Projects collection: Martin Creed, Don’t Worry


Best Of 2016 03

Le Sirenuse co-owner Antonio Sersale and Sirenuse Art Projects curator Silka Rittson-Thomas test light levels during the Creed installation


Best Of 2016 04

A detail of Emporio Le Sirenuse’s new men’s store in Positano


Best Of 2016 05

One of our favourite 2016 recipes: Wild asparagus purée with red shrimps and ricotta


Best Of 2016 06

Praiano’s parish priest, Don Luigi Amendola, and a helper, adjust the robe on a recently restored statue of the Virgin Mary


Best Of 2016 07

Executive chef Gennaro Russo and poet-maitre Vincenzo Gallani in jocular mood


Best Of 2016 08

Paint pots in the studio of ceramicist Lucio Liguori, the focus of an upcoming Journal feature


Best Of 2016 09

The end of just another October day in Positano


Best Of 2016 10

Soon to be unveiled: an archaeological discovery that will rewrite the visitor map of the Amalfi Coast. Watch this space!

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