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Carta d'Identità: Alfonso Di Gennaro, doorman and DJ

11.08.2015. Le Sirenuse

Guests arriving at Le Sirenuse in daylight hours are greeted by a tall, distinguished doorman in morning coat and trousers. When they saunter into the Champagne Bar later on that evening for an aperitif, some do a double-take. Is that…? Could it be…?

Yes, it’s the same guy, Alfonso di Gennaro. More about Le Sirenuse’s own resident Jekyll and Hyde below (though we hasten to add that, unlike Robert Louis Stevenson’s fictional creation, both of Alfonso’s avatars are good).

Born: Vico Equense, 13 September 1980

Job: Doorman and Champagne Bar DJ, Le Sirenuse

Working hours: Doorman, 11.30am – 6.30pm. DJ, 7pm – 9.40pm.

Marital status: “Free as the wind”.

Hobbies: “Music, first and foremost. Then trekking, running, going to the gym”.

Career: “I started here as a pool attendant. Then Mr Antonio Sersale found out about the playlists I made on my iPod for the downstairs bar, and suggested I take on the double role of doorman and DJ”.

On being a doorman: “I’m the first person in the hotel that most guests see, so I have to make sure I get the welcome right, especially as the journey can be a little stressful for those who aren’t used to Amalfi Coast roads. Getting the luggage into the hotel and labelling it correctly is also my responsibility, and parking the car if it’s the clients’ own, or a hire car”.

On being a DJ: “When I finish my doorman’s shift at 6.30 I put on my earring, change into jeans and a t-shirt, and have a quick bite to eat. I’m a big fan of electronic music… my mentor in this is an Italian producer called Gigi D’Agostino who does dance music mixes for club nights. He’s a genius. Of course for the Champagne Bar you can’t take the rhythm up too high, it’s not a dancefloor. I like to keep things lowdown, between 80 and 100 beats per minute. But look at that table over there – they’re tapping their feet. So I might just push it up a notch”.

On Alfonso-to-go: “Guests can also ask for an iPod of music I’ve mixed to listen to on the docking stations in their rooms. There are four: red is love songs and fashionable pop; black is lounge music; blue – the most popular – is Italian music, especially Neapolitan ballads; and green is evergreen rock”.

On double-takes: “When guests I’ve welcomed as doorman earlier in the day see me DJing, they sometimes ask me if I’m me… or if I have a twin brother”.

On kudos:  “Pierce Brosnan was here at the hotel for a couple of days, and after he’d heard my mixes he gave me his phone so I could upload my personal playlists onto it. That was a nice compliment”.

Photos © Roberto Salomone

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