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Carta d’identità: Gennaro Cozzolino

09.04.2015. Le Sirenuse

Born: Torre Annunziata, 2 May 1955

Job: Head concierge, Le Sirenuse

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish

Family: Married; has one son who also works in the hospitality sector in Positano

Hobbies: Fishing and DIY. “In the winter season I’m always roped into doing house repairs by my family. But I enjoy it”.

On his job: “A good concierge anticipates what guests need. He does that by putting himself in their shoes, and by evaluating their characters. There are guests who already know exactly what they want to do in Positano, others who have a general idea but who will appreciate a few tips and pointers, and others who come with a blank slate and are completely open to suggestion. There are adventurous guests, and ones who want to take it easy. It’s a question of instinct, and experience”.

On Pompeii: “If a client says ‘I want to see Pompeii but I only have an hour’, frankly I would advise against it. With a good guide you can get an overview in a couple of hours, but I need to be sure the guide really is good. Ask me how long you need to really do Pompeii in depth, though, and I won’t lie: the minimum is three separate four-hour visits”.

On being different: “We have a lot of return clients who’ve done all the usual excursions, and with them you need to be a little more creative. If they’re good walkers, I might suggest they climb the 1,865 steps to the village of Nocelle – and when they get there, take part in a fascinating demonstration at a centre that trains owls and birds of prey. At this point, they can even take a different route down, via Montepertuso. Even Capri is full of surprises. You don’t need to do the standard tourist thing there; there are some fantastic nature treks”.

Pictures: © Roberto Salomone

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