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The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Marie

06.05.2019. Emporio Sirenuse

You can imagine him stepping out of the pages of a French kids’ storybook, trailing stars in his wake like Le Petit Prince, mischievously testing the limits of the adult world like Le Petit Nicolas. Exuberant, cantankerous, unpredictable, French graphic artist Pierre Marie doesn’t fit into a single box.


He has designed scarves for Hermès (more than twenty to date) as well as patterns for the French fashion maison’s ready-to-wear line. He has worked on designs for L’Opéra National de Paris, collaborated with Agnes B, Veuve Cliquot, Diptyque and other brands, conceived a tapestry made over seven months by master weavers in Aubusson that was displayed at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. In his spare time he plays the organ – a passion since his earliest days – embarks on long summer cycling holidays, and practices Bikram yoga.




His latest escapade is a men’s capsule collection designed exclusively for Carla Sersale’s fashion line Le Sirenuse, Positano. Playing on the seaside location of the Amalfi coast resort, the French creative talent has imagined a series of frondy seaweed ‘candelabras’ surrounded by crab and sea urchin motifs. A t-shirt, a beach towel, a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt in two variations and swimming trunks in two variations are accompanied by what must surely be this season’s most desirable “wish you were here” postcard.




In September 2018, Pierre Marie opened his own appointment-only shop-gallery in Paris’s 9tharrondissement. He still finds it difficult to describe what he does: ‘illustrator’ doesn’t quite get it, he has said, and he’s not a ‘designer’ in the accepted sense of the word. The term the French artist prefers is “ornamentalist”. “Back in the day”, he told an interviewer last year, “there were people specialized in drawing ribbons, friezes, patterns, railings, wallpapers, bas-reliefs on buildings, fabrics, rugs. I feel closer to these 17th- and 18th-century men than to all the illustrators out there”.


The Pierre Marie capsule collection is available now at



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