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Surfing, Positano style

28.06.2017. Emporio Sirenuse

When Australian surfboard designer Jada McNeil contacted Emporio Sirenuse owner Carla Sersale to ask if she would consider stocking her Nusa Indah surfboards in her Positano boutique, Carla’s immediate response was “Sorry, nobody surfs on the Amalfi Coast, the waves just aren’t big enough!”.

Surfing Positano Style 1

But Jada didn’t give up. Paddling against the prevailing tide of a sport traditionally dominated by musclebound men, Nusa Indah’s surfboards are designed for women and characterised by distinctly fashion-forward motifs. Some are batik prints sourced by Jada during her frequent stays in Indonesia, a destination she has known and loved since her childhood, when her parents ran a surf charter boat focusing on Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Surfing Positano Style 2

So when she spotted the Garden design from the Emporio Sirenuse Spring Summer 2017 collection which has proven such a hit with clients of the fashion brand associated with Postiano’s historic Le Sirenuse hotel, the Australian designer knew immediately that it would look fantastic on one of her boards. Created, like all of the Emporio’s motifs, by Carla Sersale’s Milan-based niece Viola Parrocchetti, the Garden print is inspired by the rock roses and verdant spontaneous greenery of the Amalfi Coast.

Surfing Positano Style 3

Carla was intrigued and excited by Jada’s request to reproduce the Garden pattern on one of her surfboards, in a strictly limited edition. Not only did she say yes; she also sent several items from the Garden line to Jada’s base in Forster, New South Wales, for a photoshoot styled by Bitter End Productions on the pristine surf beach of Seal Rocks. So began a creative collaboration that Carla hopes will continue well into the future.

Surfing Positano Style 4

Taking in a loose summer dress, a medium caftan, shorts, a kimono and a simple pleated skirt, the Garden line is just one of the designs of an Emporio Sirenuse Collection inspired by the purity and poetry of Mediterranean colours. Gather those rosebuds now at

Photos © Bitter End Productions

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