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Free Spirits: Le Sirenuse Positano SS2019

06.03.2019. Emporio Sirenuse

The flower children of the 1960s had it easy compared to Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach and his followers. The first true ‘hippy’, Diefenbach was a Symbolist artist, utopian social visionary, vegetarian and naturist who lived with his followers on Capri in the early years of the twentieth century after being chased out of both his native Germany, where he stood trial for nudism, and Austria, where he founded a controversial commune.

After years of neglect, Diefenbach’s art, life and ideas are back in the spotlight. The artist has been the focus of exhibitions in Munich and Vienna and a film by Neapolitan director Mario Martone, Capri Revolution, which premiered at the 2018 Venice Film Festival.

Le Sirenuse Positano’s Spring Summer 2019 collection is inspired by the defiant refusal to conform of this fiery radical artist, who grew his hair long and roamed Capri barefoot in a flowing robe. Sun-soaked colours celebrate Diefenbach’s worship of nature, while a pattern of shadowy dancers and musicians marching joyously in single file pay homage to the most famous work of this charismatic lover of our Siren Land, a 68-metre-long frieze entitled Per Aspera ad Astra – “through hardship to the stars”. 

But it is Spring itself and the sublime beauty of Capri and the Amalfi Coast that is at the heart of this collection’s inspiration. The radiant life-force and beauty of youth, a warm breeze inspiring a spontaneous twirl that turns into a dance, energy flowing from body to landscape and back. In its warm stripes, magical flower embroideries and hints of ancient rituals, the Le Sirenuse Positano Spring Summer collection is an ode to life, the same life, unfettered by conventions, that was celebrated by Diefenbach and the free thinkers and creative souls that clustered around him.

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