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Emporio Sirenuse: New Look, New Friends

17.04.2018. Emporio Sirenuse

Since 1990, the highly curated fashion and design items on sale in Carla Sersale’s Emporio Sirenuse men’s and women’s stores, just across the road from her family’s Le Sirenuse hotel, have been channeling the barefoot-chic vibe and effortless elegance that generations of guests associate with the Positano hospitality legend.

Spring 2018 sees the Emporio’s popular e-sales website returning with a fresh new look designed to make the shopping experience of its growing client base more seamless and enjoyable than ever.

Emporio Sirenuse 2

But that’s not the only novelty on the Amalfi Coast lifestyle collection’s azure horizon. No longer content with merely sourcing beautiful garments and design items, Carla became a creative director in her own right in 2013, when lifestyle brand Le Sirenuse Positano launched its first collection of caftans and cushions. The new brand emerged from Carla’s desire to personalize the Emporio’s beachwear, resort wear and design items, to give them the same combination of inimitable style and attention to detail for which the hotel is celebrated.

The adventure started in Mumbai, where Carla’s talented textile designer niece Viola Parrocchetti was living at that time. Together they created a range of prints and embroideries that fused romantic Indian mystique and breezy Amalfi Coast nonchalance. This dual nature – a serendipitous fusion of craft and fashion, East and West – has characterized Le Sirenuse Positano ever since.

In April 2018, Le Sirenuse Positano unveiled a new early-season resort and beachwear collection that fuses the stylized natural forms of ancient Mesopotamia with fresh Mediterranean hues and patterns. It also presented the first fruits of an important, ongoing collaboration with young British artist and designer Luke Edward Hall.

A frequent guest of Le Sirenuse, Luke found inspiration in the famed Amalfi Coast resort for a series of graceful motifs that nod playfully at Picasso, Cocteau and the other artists who were drawn to Naples and its southern seacoast in the 1920s and 1930s. Reproduced on mugs, plates, t-shirts, men’s shirts and swimming trunks, these motifs channel the breezy grace and class that is at the heart of Le Sirenuse Positano’s approach to life, art and fashion.

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