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Artists and émigrés: Le Sirenuse Positano RS 2020 Collection

15.11.2019. Emporio Sirenuse

In the first half of the twentieth century, Positano became a creative haven and place of exile for a variegated community of northern and eastern European artists, writers, and performers. Many were Russian, attracted by the mild climate, the romantic scenery and the freedom from bourgeois values they found in what was then a small, isolated fishing village a whole day’s journey from Naples.

As early as 1916, writer Michail Semenov had acquired an abandoned water mill just above the beach of Arienzo and set about transforming it into a stylish villa. He had collaborated with the Ballets Russes, and was soon hosting a procession of guests linked to the avant-garde dance theatre.


Le Sirenuse Positano RS 2020 Collection 01


In April 1917, Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau visited, in the company of ballet impresario Leonid Massine and choreographer Sergei Diaghilev. Gazing across the waves, Massine became fascinated by the ‘Siren Islands’ of Li Galli. He managed to buy them four years later, building a villa that became his buen retiro and informal summer dance school. One of his pupils and protegés, Rudolph Nureyev, so adored Li Galli that he bought them in his turn from Massine’s heir ten years after the impresario’s death in 1979.

The Le Sirenuse Positano resort collection 2020 is dedicated to these exiles, to their deeply romantic, highly cultured aesthetic and poetic vision of the world. We celebrate their eclectic, free-wheeling artistic milieu in our prints and embroideries.


Le Sirenuse Positano RS 2020 Collection 02


The stars of Silk Road domes and minarets surface in the Positano motif – a remake, in a new blue version, of one of our bestsellers from 2017.  Slavic swirls and curves dance through the Girandola print, while the Greek Mask architectural pattern is directly inspired by central Asian antiquities.

This collection pays homage to a unique fusion of modern art, poetry, dance and theatre. It’s a fresh Modernist breeze on a warm summer night.

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