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Dolce Vitality

The Amalfi Coast Fitness Retreat


Dolce Vitality is tough. But it’s also life-affirming. Against the magical backdrop of one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines, this weeklong fitness, detox and weight-loss retreat will hone you, sculpt you, cleanse you and reboot you. You will conquer mountains. You will retune your five senses. You will sweat out toxins and replace them with Mediterranean goodness. You will refocus mind and body.

Based at renowned Positano resort Le Sirenuse, Dolce Vitality takes place just twice a year, in the peace of early spring and late fall, when the Amalfi Coast sparkles like a freshly painted canvas.

The retreat taps into the age-old culture and folk wisdom of this natural paradise, using its network of ancient footpaths as a panoramic open-air gym, traversing lemon and olive groves, passing ancient chapels and shrines, climbing winding stairways to tiny perched villages with sweeping sea views. It releases this vertical orchard’s scents and flavours in lean but succulent vegan meals. It tones and soothes the body via yoga, stretching, low-impact strength training and restorative massages and spa treatments. It delves deep into the area’s rich art, history and geology, scaling one of the world’s most famous active volcanoes and venturing underground to visit a fascinating, recently-discovered Roman villa.

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Running from Sunday to Saturday, the retreat embraces:

- Six nights’ accommodation in a sea-facing room at Le Sirenuse, which is open only exclusively to Dolce Vitality guests for the entire week
- Five days of magnificent guided treks, four in the mountains surrounding Positano and one on Mount Vesuvius
- A one-on-one initial assessment with our nutritionist, including body-mass testing and optional cardio testing
- A complete, holistic menu of vegan meals prepared by our Michelin-starred chef, accompanied by natural beverages and infusions
- Daily stretch classes and mindful yoga sessions
- Daily low-impact strength training exercises with a certified trainer
- Daily restorative massages and spa treatments
- Access to the hotel’s swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath
- Entry to Positano’s recently excavated Roman Villa and Mount Vesuvius National Park
- All transfers, including pick-up and set-down at Naples train station or airport

During Dolce Vitality, Le Sirenuse’s restaurant, bar and room service will only provide food and beverages that meet the retreat’s nutritional goals.

Just twenty places are available on each of two annual retreats (six nights, Sunday to Saturday) at a cost of €6,000 per person, irrespective of whether guests are individual participants in single-occupancy rooms or couples who wish to share. Enquire now about Dolce Vitality Spring 2019 (24-30 March) and Fall 2019 (3-9 November).



Programme Dolce Vitality

The weeklong programme has been created especially for Le Sirenuse by our resident spa, fitness and outdoor activity team in conjunction with an expert nutritionist and our Michelin-starred chef.

Sunday: arrival day
Monday–Friday: core days
Saturday: departure day


Based in the iconic Positano resort of Le Sirenuse, Dolce Vitality takes advantage of an aspect of the Amalfi Coast that is often overlooked by those who stay down by the coast. The locals may have turned to the sea for trade and fishing, but they have always had an equally strong bond with the steep land they inhabit.

In the mountains behind Positano, isolated villages, fertile kitchen garden plots, remote monasteries and high-pasture dairy farms are connected by an ancient network of footpaths and mule tracks. Some, like the Path of the Gods, have become celebrated trekking routes, but others, just as spectacular, are little trodden. Illuminated by our expert local guides, these often spectacular mountain trails offer the last word in stair-climbing sessions and workouts-with-a-view.


Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough at Le Sirenuse to be able to assemble a locally-based team that works to global standards. Among those who will dedicate their time and energy to Dolce Vitality’s lucky few are:

The mountain guide. A talent we discovered in our midst. We knew our hotel works supervisor was a keen trail runner. But when he began to lead our weekly hill-walking tours, we realised it’s not just about sport for this Positano ‘Iron Man’. He’s deeply versed in the culture and ecology of the Amalfi Coast mountains he traverses, and loves to share his passion.

The spa manager. A fascination with the world of beauty and wellness led this Tramonti mountain girl to hone and perfect her knowledge and technique in Rome, Florence and Milan. But her beloved Costiera called, and before long she was heading up Le Sirenuse’s spa team. Her Dolce Vitality agenda is to “reawaken the five senses that get dulled by the noise and stress of modern life”.

The fitness coach. Her dad, she says, “must have been dreaming of a boy”, because she’s been sports mad her whole life. Swimming and volleyball were youthful passions, but after studying physical education in Urbino and training as a kineisologist, she began to focus on weight work and pilates. She’s also one of very few Megaformer coaches in Italy – and loves to introduce Le Sirenuse’s guests to this total-body workout machine and method.

The yoga teacher. Around the turn of the millennium, this Venice native and his partner moved to a remote, tumbledown property in the hills above Positano, only accessible on foot. An Indian yoga adept with a firm belief in the benefits of sustainable living, he was spurred on, he freely admits by “a utopian impulse to run away from the system”. Today the couple’s organic farm has become one of southern Italy’s leading yoga retreats.

The chef. Growing up on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius gives one a particularly vivid connection with the land, one that our young Michelin-starred chef has pursued throughout his career. For him, it’s not such a leap from gourmet menus to their calorie-controlled equivalents: fresh, natural, locally- sourced Mediterranean ingredients are at the root of both, and the chef puts as much care into a salad with grains and nuts as he does into an elaborate pasta dish.


Healthy living is at the centre of Le Sirenuse’s holistic version of la dolce vita. It’s not about putting the kilos on, then taking them off: it’s about eating a balanced, organic Mediterranean diet, realising that less can be more, and learning that respect for good, natural produce and respect for our bodies go hand in hand. That’s why alcohol and caffeine are off-limits during Dolce Vitality: to give you the chance to detox, recalibrate and reboot your inner energy channels.

Working in close collaboration with Dolce Vitality’s resident nutritionist, our chef has created a healthy vegan menu designed to deliver a carefully controlled daily calorie intake. On arrival, each participant benefits from a one-to-one consultation with the nutritionist, who is on hand to give advice and iron out any issues that may arise. Hunger pangs are not, generally, one of them: guests are often surprised how quickly their appetites adapt to the new regimen of exercise and small portions. Dolce Vitality only runs for a week, but the good habits it cultivates can last much, much longer.

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